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Palmetto Underlay and Lawn reviver

Palmetto Underlay and Lawn Reviver
(30 litre bag)

Palmetto Underlay and Lawn Reviver is specially formulated for WA soil conditions. It is the ideal pre plant or top dressing product for your new lawn, as it acts as a slow release source of nutrients and organic matter. It supplies essential trace elements to keep your lawn attractive and green all year round.
Coverage: 1 x 30 litre bag covers 10m²

Palmetto Premium lawn fertiliser

Palmetto Premium Lawn Fertiliser
(10 litre bucket)

For a beautiful, green, healthy lawn all year round, Palmetto Premium Lawn Fertiliser is the one for you. This slow release fertiliser is specially formulated for WA soil conditions and suitable for all varieties of lawn.
Coverage: 1 x 10 litre bucket covers approximately 450m²


Bi agra

Bi Agra is a revolutionary new product as it not only gets your soil to accept the water, it also helps your soil to hold the water for longer, thus giving a dual action effect that has been tested by the University of WA. This product was specially developed for Western Australia soil types. Bi Agra works directly on the water holding properties of the soil itself. Comes with easy hose application.

Coverage: 2 litres treats 150m ²


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