turf installation

Bromley Res

Bromley Res Turf Installation

Bromley Reserve, located in Beckenham, was completed in June 2017.

Working hand in hand with the City of Gosnells to carry out the improvement of the local area, over 1100m ² of Premium Village Green Turf was expertly installed by our hard working team.

Abett Park

Abett Park Turf Installation

Abbett Park is located in Scarborough, and is very popular with the locals. It has sporting facilities, open areas for families and their pets, and a wonderful playground for the young to use.
Allwest Turfing carried out renovation works to Abbett Park Cricket Wicket in May 2017, by removing the old and replacing with a new clay wicket. The surrounding turf was also removed and replaced using approximately 2000m ² of JUMBO Kikuyu Rolls and 1000m ² of Standard Kikuyu Rolls. Our team of professionals carried out these works with in the time restrains given by the City of Stirling.

Mills Park Turf Installation

Mills Park Turf Installation

Mills Park is a 24 Ha recreational space located in Beckenham. After many years of investigations, consultation, design development and options, the Mills Park Master Plan was finalised in December 2014. Construction commenced in March 2015 and was completed by October 2016.
Allwest Turfing installed over 45,000 m ² of Premium Village Green Turf working hand in hand with the City of Gosnells and Ertech, to provide a state of the art sporting facility for local and interstate events.