90% of problems with lawns can be directed at watering practices.  Newly laid turf should be watered sufficiently to saturate the turf and the underneath soil.  Use the chart below as a guide to establishing a healthy lawn.

HANDY HINT: If the lawn shows signs of stress (a loss of bright colour and slight wilting) then you need to give a good deep drink of 10mm of water per day as soon as possible until it recovers.  In order to know how much water your system is applying you need to measure its output. This is quite simple to do. All you need is an empty ice cream container which is placed out on the lawn. Turn the sprinklers on and time how long it takes to collect 10mm water in the bottom of the container. This will give you the correct setting for the duration of watering for that station on your controller.  Check different spots to make sure you get an even coverage and that no spot gets less than the minimum.

HANDY HINT: If water takes longer than 5 seconds to soak in, treat the area with a wetting agent.  Repeat this process if necessary in severe cases. Remember if it rains, turn the watering system off.  Too much water and not enough sun can rot the grass. 
*Cut watering to once every second day for 10 minutes after the first 10 days for Buffalo lawns in shady areas in any season or else it will rot*.


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Watering schedule to establish a NEW LAWN
Late Spring/Summer (Hot weather periods) – check with the Water Corporation for your water dispensation.


1 October - 31 March

If your exemption is granted during this time, you are able to water for up to 42 days from the day of planting. We recommend you water your new lawn or garden with 10mm of water a day. 
Recommended watering schedule:

watering schedule October

1 April - 30 September

If your exemption is granted during this time, you are able to water for up to 35 days from the day of planting. We recommend you water your new lawn or garden with 7.5mm of water a day.
Recommended watering schedule:

watering schedule april

Watering schedule for ESTABLISHED lawns
Once the lawn has established (after 60 days) the watering schedule can follow the guidelines below:

Follow the Water Corporation guide lines.
Water early in the morning (before 9.00am) or in the evening (after 6.00pm). 
If windy when watering then alternate watering one day in the morning and one day in the evening to avoid dry spots.




Mow your new lawn lightly within 7 – 10 days of installation, and thereafter weekly to fortnightly during the summer months to maintain a leaf height between 10 -20mm (Couch & Zoysia), 30 -50mm (Buffalo).  Mow the grass higher in periods of extreme heat, in shady conditions (e.g. under trees), and in late autumn to assist colour retention in winter.  Mow every 2-3 weeks (buffalo less often) in the winter months, as the growth of the grass slows down.



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Use a low phosphate fertilizer (we recommend Baileys Brilliance) lightly applied monthly in the growing season.  
Use heavier applications at the beginning of spring and mid to late autumn.  This gives the grass a boost during the stressful time of winter & summer.  
During the winter use a slow release turf fertilizer (we recommend Scotts Lawn Builder). 
Do not use a fertilizer with added weed killer on Buffalo lawns. Selected herbicides to be used on Buffalo with caution.


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