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We Offer Kikuyu Grass & Many Other Grass Varieties in Perth 

Kikuyu Grass & other Grass Varieties in Perth

Our helpful team will be able to help you decide which variety will suit you

With many lawn varieties available, choosing the right type for your yard might be difficult. Luckily our helpful team in Perth is here to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our varieties include Palmetto, Wintergreen and Kikuyu grass in Perth.

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Suitable for both shaded and sun-filled areas, Palmetto is a soft-leaf buffalo grass variety. Cultivated as an easy-care lawn, Palmetto's deep roots make it drought resistant, ideal for Perth's current climate and water restrictions.

Palmetto is suitable for domestic, civil and commercial uses.

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One of the most popular grasses in Perth, Wintergreen is a hybrid form of couch grass. People choose Wintergreen due to its durability, attractiveness and low maintenance characteristics. As it recovers quickly from damage, Wintergreen is suitable for frequently trafficked areas. Call us today if this sounds like the grass for you.
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Soft and durable, Kikuyu is the ideal grass for parks, public lawns and schools. The vivid colour is maintained all year around, aided greatly by weekly mowing. Kikuyu has the shortest recovery time of all grasses. This variety grows well in partial shade and full sunlight. We can supply Kikuyu and other quality varieties at excellent value prices.

Village Green Premium Kikuyu

Village Green Premium Kikuyu grass in Perth is a new variety introduced to Western Australia recently. It is dark green in colour and is very useful in high trafficked areas due to its rapid recovery rate from wear damage. Village Green has an extensive root system, which forms a dense cover that helps to reduce weeds. It requires lower watering and fertilising therefore is very cost effective.

Mowing can be carried out with Kikuyu using a reel or rotary mower. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use whether it be a verge, front yard or sporting oval.

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