Best Turf Installation in Perth

POS and park turf installation


Allwest Turfing has the ability, staff and machinery to carry out site preparations and install turf, both JUMBO Rolls and Standard Rolls, to any size park, in any location.
Our most recent large scale park, being 80 000m(2) was Mills Park in Beckenham.
Delivering a high quality product with amazing results on schedule!

golf courses turf perth

Golf Courses

Allwest Turfing has carried out major renovations over the years, to golf courses within the metro area.
These works include major earthworks to construct new tees, modification to greens and fairways. Once complete, our team then start the process of installing the turf, both JUMBO Rolls and Standard rolls, all to the specifications set out by the Clients involved.

home turf installation

Home Install

Allwest Turfing has several different contracts with large scale landscaping companies, so we are more familiar with residential turf installation. Our team has been trained to produce a high standard of site levelling and clean up.

earthwork beckenham


Earth Works is an Allwest Turfing specialty. A skill that has been past from father to son and then onto our team members.
From removing 1000 m(3) of dirt to raking out a few dead weeds, we love a challenge. From starting with the seeming impossible task, to finishing with a level or shaped piece of land, our team can achieve the results.

Turf Cutting and removal beckenham

Turf Cutting/Removal

Allwest Turfing has vast experience with turf removal, both residential and commercial.

Commonly known within the industry as a “Box Out”, there is no situation too big or small that our team cannot produce the best results. From delicately manoeuvring wheelbarrows through houses in tight new subdivisions, to loading our trucks using our fleet of skid steer loaders, we will get the job done.

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